County Housing Management Bureau's Three Measures to Continue the Special Campaign of "Scratching and Eradicating Evil"
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⑴ Initiate and strengthen the propaganda. Held a special conference to convey the spirit of the anti-evil and anti-evil meeting and documents, implemented the work deployment, and produced LED electronic display screens to display the anti-evil and anti-evil publicity banner. At present, it urges development enterprises and material service enterprises to hang 26 publicity slogans and distribute more than 2,000 publicity materials. ⑵ Clue the row and then compact. Focusing on improving the "three rates" of clues, namely the investigation rate, verification rate, and reconciliation rate, we will promote full coverage, all-round participation, full participation, and no dead ends. At present, 57 anti-crime report boxes are set up in areas such as unit halls, real estate residential communities, and commercial real estate sales. (3) Re-regulation of the ledger information. Arrange a liaison commissioner to collect and submit relevant information on the special campaign to combat crime.