Jinlijing Town Takes Various Measures to Improve Public Order
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⑴Renovation of stalls. The police station will arrange a special person to patrol the farmer's market on the market day to rectify the phenomenon of random stalls in the market and criticize and educate the offenders. At present, two criminal cases are handled, 19 people are dealt with, 13 people are in administrative detention, and 6 people are punished by law and order. ⑵ Regularly park your vehicle. Regarding the phenomenon of random parking of vehicles in towns and towns, our town unifiedly plans to set up special parking areas for vehicles, make parking signage, and ban all vehicles in congested areas such as the Richai Town Market, and jointly police stations to strengthen patrols. At present, a total of more than 150 illegal traffic behaviors have been investigated and dealt with. (3) Strengthen personnel control. Do a good job in the management and control of 17 community detoxification and rehabilitation personnel, grasp the dynamics of prisoners, urge them to perform regular urine tests and report in time, and the mobile phone positioning rate of prisoners can reach 100%; comprehensively investigate persons who have been released from prison and have severe mental disorders. At present, 33 people have been released from prison during the resettlement period in the town.