Zizhong County promotes medical insurance policies
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⑴ With multiple media. Through media such as Neijiang News, 12333 Social Insurance Enquiry Website, Neijiang Medical Insurance Public Account and WeChat Group, more than 20 pieces of publicity information such as the current urban and rural basic medical insurance policy, anti-fraud and fraud insurance, and medical poverty alleviation policies have been released. Relying on medical institutions. Mobilize all medical insurance designated medical institutions throughout the county to promote the current medical insurance policies such as basic medical insurance, critical illness insurance, medical assistance, and outpatient special disease subsidy policies through electronic screens, publicity boards, and posters. ⑶ rely on grassroots strength. Produced more than 130,000 copies of the "Neijiang Urban and Rural Basic Medical Insurance Policy" brochure, "Zizhong County Medical Insurance Poverty Alleviation Policy" leaflet 100,000 copies, "Neijiang City Urban and Rural Basic Medical Insurance Outpatient Special Disease Management Measures" more than 100,000 copies, commissioned The staff of various township labor security institutes publicize their services at the same time. At present, the awareness rate of medical insurance policies for insured persons throughout the county is as high as 85.85%.