The sericulture industry has obvious advantages in promoting rural revitalization
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(1) The effect of helping farmers increase income is remarkable. This spring (spring 1, spring 2), summer, autumn, and late autumn, the number of silkworm farmers issued 1,500, with an average yield of 45 kilograms, an average price of 40 yuan a kilogram, an average income of 1600 yuan per silk, annual silk sales income of nearly 3 million yuan . (2) Poor households get rid of poverty. According to statistics, the sericulture industry of the poor households in Chenjia Town accounts for 70% of the total household income, and the average income of the poor households increased by 2,000 yuan, which effectively solved the problem of local migrant workers nearby and enhanced their "blood production" capabilities. (3) The industrial system is gradually improved. Establish an industrialized management mode and technical service system of "leading enterprises + professional cooperatives + bases + co-education households + farmers", explore the establishment of a close interest connection mechanism with benefit sharing and risk sharing with silkworm farmers, and all fresh cocoons are limited by Honghe Silk The company organizes sales, cooperatives participate in seeding, training, and acquisitions, and the price of silkworm cocoons plays a role.