Neijiang Municipal Law System "Remember the original heart, remember the mission" theme education advanced typical deeds tour report meeting held in Zizhong
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On November 27, the Neijiang Municipal Law System's "Remembering the Original Mind and Remembering the Mission" theme education advanced typical deeds tour report meeting was held in Zizhong. The four county-level teams are in charge of the leadership, and the responsible persons of all units in the county's political and legal system, towns and county-level departments attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Fu Genping, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee.

威远县人民检察院 周测琦、内江市中级人民法院王侯、内江市政法委文国云、资中县司法局杨礼义先后结合亲身经历,激情慷慨的演讲了“守初心、担使命”,扎根基层、服务群众的先进事迹,充分展现了政法干警们坚守工作一线热血拼搏,始终践行 “无所谓岁月静好,只是有人替你负重前行”优秀品质。 At the meeting, Zhou Yahan of Weiyuan County Public Security Bureau, Zhou Ciqi of Weiyuan County People's Procuratorate , Wanghou of Neijiang Intermediate People's Court, Wen Guoyun of Neijiang Municipal Law Committee, and Yang Liyi of Zizhong County Judicial Bureau successively and passionately and generously made speeches combining their personal experience. Keeping the original heart and fulfilling the mission ", taking root in the grass-roots level and serving the masses, the advanced deeds fully demonstrate the enthusiasm and hard work of the political and legal cadres who adhere to the front line of work and always practice the " no matter how quiet the years are, but someone will move forward for you ".

Fu Genping emphasized that the county's political and legal institutions should strengthen publicity and education, set off a wave of learning advanced models, put the spirit of advanced models into action, put them into work, and make every effort to maintain the safety and stability of the overall society. Adhere to the people-centered development ideology, and fulfill the main tasks of maintaining national political security, ensuring the stability of the overall society, promoting social fairness and justice, and ensuring people's livelihood and prosperity. Continue to advance the theme education of “do not forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind” in the county's political and legal system, cultivate and shape a group of advanced models with rich capital and characteristics, and push the county's political and legal system to serve the people to a new level.