County Party Secretary Zeng Tingfu investigates the restoration work of the "9.8" Weiyuan earthquake
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灾后恢复重建工作 On the afternoon of November 18, Zeng Tingfu, Secretary of the County Party Committee, investigated the restoration and reconstruction of the "9.8" Weiyuan earthquake . The county party committee member and county government executive deputy county head Li Du, the county government deputy county head Zhou Yong, the county party's political research office, the county finance bureau, the county housing urban and rural construction bureau, and the county emergency management bureau were in charge.

Zeng Tingfu and his entourage successively conducted field investigations on the post-disaster reconstruction settlements, construction sites, and completion sites in Panlongsi Village, Citizen Town, and Shuangyancheng Village in Chenjia Town. The planning and implementation of post-disaster reconstruction have been described.

Zeng Tingfu emphasized: We must do a good job of post-disaster reconstruction as planned, scientifically plan infrastructure construction, do a good job in resettlement of the affected people, strengthen disaster inspections and health monitoring, and restore the normal production and living order of the people as soon as possible.