"Four Places" in Songjia Town Promotes the Improvement of Rural Human Settlement Environment
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集中治理,确保“扫”到位。 (1) Centralized governance to ensure that "scanning" is in place. Taking Ziwei as the main line, clean up firewood, illegal buildings, building materials, pig pens, toilets, construction waste, domestic waste and river waste stacked in the visible range. At present, 80 firewood stacks have been removed, more than 30 debris have been piled up, 2 illegal buildings have been demolished, and 1 garbage room in the town has been refurbished. (2) Divide the grid to ensure that the "tube" is in place. Divide 10 administrative villages (communities) into 10 grids, establish a three-level grid management team with village cadres, village (community) cadres, and cleaners as members, divide the scope of management, refine their respective responsibilities, and comprehensively Implement work tasks; implement rewards and punishments for cleaning, and increase the enthusiasm of the cleaners. (3) Extensive mobilization to ensure "Xuan" is in place. The use of "Village to Village" radio, hanging banners, distribution of promotional materials, publicity vehicles, home explanations and other methods to increase publicity and mobilization of poor and non-poor households, and regularly organize their participation in centralized environmental sanitation activities. Up to now, 5 publicity banners have been hung, more than 10 publicity vehicles have been dispatched, more than 30 home preaching activities have been carried out, and more than 900 publicity materials have been distributed. (4) Learn from experience to ensure that "learning" is in place. In order to learn from the good practices and experiences of other towns and villages in the process of environmental sanitation improvement, expand their work ideas, and improve the town's rural human settlement environment improvement work ability, the party committee secretary led the relevant personnel and village secretaries to visit Shuanglian Village, Yuxi Town Learn.