"Three Batches" in Songjia Town
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(1) Citing a batch. A talent working conference is held every quarter, and a forum for migrant workers is held in a timely manner. Based on the actual work, they actively strive for policies, seek out talents in the town, attract returning entrepreneurs, and formulate training and support plans to retain talents. Since this year, four migrant workers have returned to their hometowns to start businesses. (2) Adjust a batch. Adopt the method of removing electors to organize and adjust the two villages of Lei's Ancestral Village that failed to implement party building and that the collective economic development of Xiongqiao Village had no ideas, measures, and results. (3) Cultivate a batch. In accordance with the principle of "combination of reserve and optimal use", a reserve talent team advancement mechanism was formed. The township (community) reserve force has grown to 22, of which 3 reserve cadres have been promoted, and 4 reserve cadres have participated in training and 7 Reserve cadres participate in village-level affairs, adhere to the "one-on-one" pairing and help teaching, and give full play to the role of "passing and helping", the theoretical level and practical ability of reserve cadres have been improved.