2016 Zizhong County Yearbook
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In 2016, the county fully implemented the decision-making arrangements of the central, provincial, and municipalities, closely following the strategic goals of building a cultural city in the economically important county of Sichuan Qiu District, and building a well-off society in an all-round way. Normal, create the development orientation of “Zhongzhong Development and Upgrade”, actively respond to the grim situation of continued downward pressure on the economy, and focus on project construction as a breakthrough to drive the three industries to improve quality and efficiency and the overall development of the people ’s livelihood and social undertakings. The budget tasks reviewed and approved at the Sixth Session of the National People's Congress ranked second in the three counties in the city's target performance evaluation. The county's economic and social development showed a good situation of "economic growth, structural optimization, and efficiency improvement."
[Total economic volume] The county's regional GDP reached 25.594 billion yuan, an increase of 8.1% year-on-year (among which the added value of the primary industry was 6.604 billion yuan, an increase of 4.1%, the secondary industry was 11.351 billion yuan, an increase of 10.1%, and the tertiary industry was 76.39 Billion yuan, an increase of 8.5%), local public fiscal budget revenue of 880 million yuan, excluding factors such as "business-to-business" increase 11.3% with the same caliber; the total investment in fixed assets of the whole society was 17.24 billion yuan, an increase of 14.2%; the total retail sales of consumer goods was 9.13 billion The per capita disposable income of urban residents was 27,900 yuan, an increase of 8.6%; the per capita disposable income of rural residents was 12,291 yuan, an increase of 9.4%, ranking among the top three counties. Invited foreign investment was 10.78 billion yuan.
[Economic Development] In 2016, we will increase the promotion of PPP project packaging, focusing on 17 PPP projects throughout the year, with a planned investment of 15.5 billion yuan. The county urban sewage treatment plant stock debt conversion project was successfully signed, with a contracted amount of 150 million yuan, and the project transfer completed. The relocation projects of Phoenix Kindergarten, Zizhong County Bus Terminal, and Traditional Chinese Hospital have entered the procurement stage. The People's Hospital business house expansion project completed the feasibility study, environmental assessment and other preliminary work, and entered the PPP project plan review stage. A total of 1 provincial-level key project and 30 municipal-level key projects were implemented throughout the year, and investment in key municipal-level projects was 2.31 billion yuan. Optimization of the three industrial structures: New industries and modern service industries are booming. The ratio of the three industries is further adjusted to 25.8: 44.4: 29.8. The proportion of the three industries exceeds the first. Accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading: The total output value of high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries represented by leading companies such as China Construction Materials reached 7.95 billion yuan and 4.62 billion yuan, respectively, and their proportions in the total output value of large-scale industries increased by 4.3 and 4.6 percentage points, respectively. Based on the functional positioning of the province's main agricultural production areas, modern agricultural development has achieved remarkable results, and it has been successfully approved as a key county for the construction of modern forestry and modern animal husbandry in the province. The modern service industry represented by e-commerce has continued to grow. The added value of the service industry was 7.64 billion yuan, an increase of 8.5%, ranking first in the three counties. It successfully passed the performance evaluation of the pilot project of the comprehensive reform of the modern service industry at the provincial level. E-commerce into the rural comprehensive demonstration performance evaluation work ranked first in Sichuan Province with 90.5 points.
Zizhong ranked 59th in the 2015 provincial-level comprehensive economic evaluation results announced in October 2016, an increase of one place from 2014 and an increase of seven places from 2011. There were 10,667 new jobs in cities and towns, 30.1 percentage points above the target task, the registered unemployment rate in cities and towns was controlled at 3.9%, and the people more enjoyed the fruits of economic and social development.
Industrial operation is stable and improving. Vigorously cultivate high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries, establish the State Key Laboratory of Green Building Materials, apply for 2 national high-tech enterprises, implement 11 key science and technology plan projects above the municipal level, and 6 major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects, and 2 enterprises have won Title of Municipal Technology Certification Center. Accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, close 6 backward enterprises, phase out 124 million pieces of machine bricks and 12,000 tons of paper production lines, and invest 5.31 billion yuan to implement 135 technological transformation projects. Strengthen enterprises to help them out of difficulties, take the lead in opening up the "guarantee loan" business in the city, and help enterprises enjoy a price discount of more than 16 million yuan for production factors such as electricity and gas. Promote the process of Fuyuan's entry into the food (agricultural and sideline products) industrial park, and help Shaqi Industry and Hongda Glass to resume production and resume production. The agglomeration effect of the China Economic and Technological Development Zone was increased, and a total of 165 enterprises were settled. The second phase of the "Deep Processing of Coated Products" project with a total investment of 200 million yuan was completed and put into operation. Tianyi Seed Industry Project completed the excavation of the 3000 square meter plant foundation, and the Xima Auto Parts Project accelerated. The 11,000-square-meter standardized factory building of Phase I of the "Home Project" innovation and entrepreneurship incubation park completed the basic project. The newly-increased load-bearing area of the China Economic and Technological Development Zone was 0.4 square kilometers, and the fixed asset investment was 4.89 billion yuan. The main business income was 27.6 billion yuan, an increase of 9.7%, and the taxation of the warehouse was 170 million yuan.
Modern agriculture improves quality and efficiency. Accelerate the construction of the second phase of the Science and Technology Demonstration Base of the Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the construction of the Glorious Good-Word-Zhong Blood Orange Standardization Base Project. The Neijiang National Agricultural Science and Technology Park (including the demonstration area) has completed a total investment of 680 million yuan and realized sales income of 350 million yuan. To create regional brands of high-quality agricultural products such as blood oranges in the capital, the county has a total of 104 "three products and one standard" agricultural products, ranking the forefront of the city. The construction of 10,000 acres of blood orange demonstration tablets is progressing smoothly. The county's blood orange planting area reaches 160,000 acres, with an annual output of 100,000 tons. The construction of the "Black Sliding Treasure" breeding base and exhibition center has been accelerated, and 15 standardized breeding farms (fields) for livestock and poultry have been newly rebuilt and expanded, with 977,000 live pigs being slaughtered. Improve the risk prevention and control mechanism for land transfer, accumulating 89 listed transfers totaling more than 10,000 mu. Great efforts have been made to cultivate new types of agricultural operators, and 17 new provincial-level demonstration cooperatives and 9 provincial-level demonstration family farms have been newly cultivated, ranking first in the city. The county magistrate responsible system for increasing farmers 'income was implemented. For two consecutive years, the county was named an advanced county for increasing farmers' income. The per capita property income of farmers was 197 yuan, an increase of 29.0%. In 2016, the grain output reached 528,000 tons, and the yield per mu increased by 3.0%, achieving a “ten-year increase”.
The tertiary industry is flourishing. Actively promote the nationwide comprehensive demonstration project of e-commerce in rural areas, speed up the construction of centralized e-commerce development zones, cultivate 6 local e-commerce platform companies such as Jingchuan Yougou, 72 star e-commerce and WeChat star enterprises (single product), and build towns and villages There are more than 170 two-tier e-commerce service sites, more than 2,000 online store micro-shops, and 2.04 billion yuan in e-commerce transactions. Invested 250 million yuan to improve the infrastructure and industrial carriers in logistics, commerce and trade, introduced Pacific International Cinema, Qitian Chain and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, and the independent commercial building of Hall 5 and Huijin Plaza was capped. The holding of important exhibitions such as the first Zizhong Blood Orange Festival has triggered an explosive growth in Zizhong Blood Orange sales. Organize Genxing Food and Qinlin Food to participate in 25 exhibitions in Beijing, Guangzhou, Inner Mongolia and other places. Accelerating the construction of the "three major scenic spots", the Zizhong Ancient City Cultural Tourism Industry Demonstration Park project will increase investment, the second phase of the repair of the temple will be completed, and the restoration and reconstruction of the Mafang District will be started. Luoquan ancient town tourism infrastructure construction phase I project in place project fund of 35 million yuan. Accelerate the preliminary work of the two tourist corridors of Ziwei Expressway and Tiefa Road. At the peak of the Yinshan Scientific Research Demonstration Base of the Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences, there were more than 50,000 single-day visitors. In 2016, the county's total tourism revenue was 5.14 billion yuan, an increase of 22.4%.


[Urban and Rural Construction] In 2016, the pace of new-type urbanization accelerated, with an urban population of 306,000, and an urbanization rate of 1.08 percentage points. Complete the planning of important municipal nodes such as Zizhou Avenue, complete the revision of 31 town master plans, 9 town control plans, and 644 new village settlements. Yinshan, Qiuxi, and Tiefo have achieved initial success in the construction of three “100 Town Construction Action Towns”. Luoquan and Tiefo, two historical and cultural towns, have been protected and utilized in an orderly manner. 20 happy and beautiful new villages and 30 new village settlements Construction accelerated. The square in front of Zizhong North Station and supporting roads have been completed and put into use. The construction of Zizhong County Bus Terminal has completed the preliminary work such as planning and feasibility study. Comprehensively renovate the city appearance and appearance, remove more than 4,800 households that violate illegal structures, build color steel sheds, and steps, and ban more than 1,100 light boxes and seats. Twenty-three key urban appearance and environmental sanitation areas including 79 one, two and three types of streets, and the Chengnan Comprehensive Market were comprehensively renovated, and important nodes such as Zhuangyuan Street and hydrophilic platforms were specially managed. Greening of urban backbone roads such as the North Outer Ring Road and Chonglong Avenue will be implemented. The expansion and reconstruction project of Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway Zizhong Station's exit was fully completed. The main project of 2247 kilometers of G247 Zi'an Highway Project has been basically completed, with an investment of about 140 million yuan. The first phase of the rural road network improvement project and the Tongxiang oil road reconstruction project were started 48 kilometers and 40 kilometers were completed. A loan of 200 million yuan for agricultural development projects was won for 1.4 kilometers of Renshun Road (Qiuxichang Town Section), 18 kilometers of Tongcun Road of Civic Town and Shuanghe Town, 14 kilometers of Wuhuang Road and Longgao Road under construction 17 kilometers and 16.7 kilometers of Luocha Road. Accelerate the comprehensive development and utilization of water resources in the north of the city. The Lianghekou Reservoir project has begun construction. A total of 31 kilometers of steel pipes have been laid in the river reservoir network water transfer project, and an investment of 540 million yuan has been completed. The main waterworks in the urban area has completed 51 kilometers of supporting pipe network. 13 repurchase of Zhenshui Plant were completed, 18 intentional repurchase agreements were signed, and 4 water distribution plants were completed. The 16 outstanding environmental issues raised by the Southwest Supervision Center were completed. Consolidate the achievements of returning farmland to forests of 120,400 mu, adding 5,200 mu of forest area, and forest coverage rate of 35%. Continue to promote water pollution prevention and control in key industries, invest 46 million yuan to build a second-stage urban sewage treatment plant, and invest 24.19 million yuan to improve the urban sewage collection pipe network by 20.6 kilometers. Construction of a sewage treatment plant in the China Economic and Technological Development Zone, which can treat 10,000 tons of sewage per day. The Longjie sewage collection pipe network was put into use, the Yinshan sewage treatment plant was started, and the Qiuxi sewage treatment plant was approved for the project. Sewage outlets in the first-level protection zone will be completely banned, and an isolation network for urban drinking water protection zones will be established.
[Reform and Opening Up] Reforms have continued to deepen. Throughout the year, 11 special reform programs were passed, and a total of 32 programs were introduced. Two national-level reform pilots, six provincial-level pilots, and four municipal-level pilots are being implemented, ranking first in the city. The results of the confirmation of the right to register the right to manage rural land contracted in the city took the lead in passing the provincial inspection and were evaluated as excellent. The experience and methods of confirming the right to register small-scale water conservancy projects were exchanged at the provincial water right confirmation conference. Completed the transformation of “business-to-increasing”, and transferred 3,417 “business-to-increasing” management accounts. Promote the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, implement the reform of commercial registration, carry out pilot trials of simple deregistration of enterprises, and do a good job of upgrading enterprises. Breakthroughs were made in public resource transactions, with 1.89 billion yuan worth of transactions throughout the year. Integrate the two systems of urban residents' medical insurance and the new rural cooperative medical system, which are under the unified management of the County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. We will deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises and focus on strengthening the strength of state-owned enterprises and state-owned capital. The assets of Xingzi Company are close to 6 billion yuan and the credit rating is AAˉ.
The opening effect is obvious. Introduced 15 high-tech industries and strategic emerging industry projects, 8 well-known enterprise investment projects, 11 construction projects with a total investment of more than 500 million yuan, including China Construction Materials Phase 5 and the Maliu River Rural Tourism Project. There are 9 returnee entrepreneurship companies in the county, with more than 800 returnees, and a total output value of 290 million yuan, leading to employment of 4,446 people. Actively broaden investment and financing channels, strive for higher-level special construction funds of 370 million yuan, special transfer payment funds of 990 million yuan, replacement bonds and new bond funds of 1.40 billion yuan. Strive for 1.34 billion yuan in loans for the shed reform of the China Development Bank, 180 million yuan in special construction funds, 320 million yuan in loans for the expansion and expansion of urban water plants, 120 million yuan in the construction of Lianghekou Reservoir, and 200 million yuan in the first phase of the improvement of the rural road network for agricultural development Yuan, Agricultural Bank of China's Zi'an highway loan of 120 million yuan, and a billion-scale smoothing fund prepared by Guiyang Bank passed the approval, and the funds in place were 160 million yuan.
[Social undertakings] In 2016, we paid close attention to the "four batches" of assistance and took the lead in achieving the city's "zero payment" within the scope of the medical expenses policy for hospitalized individuals in poor counties. We have implemented more than 10 million yuan in financial awards and funds, and completed the renovation of 577 poor households in poverty-stricken houses. Invested more than 2 million yuan to grant special living allowances to rural subsistence allowances to achieve "two lines in one." Invested more than 21 million yuan in industrial support funds to develop the courtyard economy and create "one village, one product". Innovate the "125" trace management mode and consolidate the basic work. Innovating collective economy development "four models", "two-dimensional code e-commerce poverty alleviation" and other practices have been recognized by the Provincial Party Committee General Office and the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office. The 18 poverty-stricken villages and 8,733 poverty-stricken people who withdrew in 2016 fully met the standards for withdrawal and poverty alleviation, and successfully passed the provincial acceptance. In-depth activities of “walking the grassroots level and sending warmth” were carried out, and a total of nearly 10 million yuan of condolences were distributed. Regarding the shed reform as an important starting point for accelerating the construction of new-type urbanization and a major measure to stabilize growth and benefit the people's livelihood, more than 10 relevant regulatory documents have been issued. The monetization of resettlement has been fully implemented. The shed reform in the three areas of the railway station, Shuinanxia Street and Dadongmen has been successfully launched, involving 4002 houses, with a total construction area of 309,000 square meters. In 2016, 1,195 households were contracted. Residents in the area subscribed for 623 commercial houses, and the local house purchase rate reached over 70%. The shed reform, as a new engine driving the county's economic growth, effectively promoted the recovery of the real estate market. The annual sales of commercial housing was 719,000 square meters, an increase of 52.4%, ranking first in the city. At the end of 2016, the real estate inventory was 437,000 square meters, a year-on-year decrease of 30.7%. Ten state-owned construction land use rights were auctioned for sale with a total area of 260.1 mu. Completed nine livelihood projects and 16 major livelihood events and tasks, and realized livelihood investment of 3.39 billion yuan, accounting for 75.9% of general public budget expenditures. The number of urban and rural residents covered by basic endowment insurance was 436,000, the urban basic medical insurance covered 151,000 people, and the NCMS covered 966,000 people. Accelerate the construction of comprehensive pension service centers in Zizhong County, and set up 4 regional pension service centers in rural areas, 16 day care centers in urban communities, and 5 day care centers in rural communities. Relocation of 30 households for disaster relief. Coordinate the promotion of legal aid and social assistance. The balanced development of education, plans to build new private schools such as Phoenix Kindergarten, Foreign Language Experimental School, etc., to raise the brand of Zizhong No.2 Middle School and Qiuxi Middle School. The level of equalization of public health services has increased, and the pace of comprehensive reform of county-level public hospitals has accelerated. The relocation project of Chinese hospitals has completed the main project of outpatient buildings, and projects such as poverty alleviation and village health clinics have been advanced in an orderly manner. The "Village to Village" and "Each-to-Each" projects were successfully implemented, with cultural performances benefiting people for more than 240 performances. Xihong Grand Theater has hosted more than 10 national and provincial high-level literary and artistic performances, and the county library and cultural center have been fully completed. National defense mobilization, civil air defense, militia reserve and dual support support have been continuously strengthened. New achievements were made in emergency management, price, meteorology, ethnic religions, women's federations, old age, disabled federations, caring for the next generation, Red Cross, local history, archives, and confidentiality.
[Self-construction] The "two studies, one doing" study and education were solidly implemented, and the work style was continuously improved. The "three public" funds decreased by 10.5% year-on-year. Insist on "one post and two responsibilities", strictly implement the responsibility system for party style and clean government construction, investigate and deal with a number of outstanding issues that the public has reported strongly, and set up 49 cases for political discipline and punish 46 people for political discipline. The social evaluation results of the party's work style and clean government ranked 53rd in the province, entered the province's first square for 4 consecutive times, and ranked first in the city for 5 consecutive times. Strictly implemented the "Interim Measures for the Supervision and Management of Government Investment Projects", completed 92 audit projects of county-level government investment projects, and reduced 230 million yuan. The "Seventh Five-Year Plan" popularization of law was advanced in an orderly manner, and the "Seven Progressive Laws" were carried out. Measures for publicity of government affairs were effective. A total of 75,996 new administrative units were opened online for administrative power throughout the year, which were commended by the provinces and municipalities. Strict law enforcement procedures, standardized law enforcement behaviors, strengthened law enforcement supervision, comprehensive administrative law enforcement reforms have been gradually deepened, and administrative law enforcement personnel management systems have been improved. Strict financial brokerage law, earnestly implement the rules of procedure of the county financial and economic leading group, strictly control general additions, and reduce general expenditures. Strictly implement the reform plan of buses, and seal excess cars. Adhere to scientific and democratic decision-making in accordance with the law and the "three important and one big" system, and make administrative decisions scientific, democratic, and institutionalized. A four-level food and drug safety supervision grid was established, and no food safety accidents occurred. The implementation of "one post, two responsibilities, and party and government responsibility" for safety in production has been implemented. The number of production safety accidents, deaths, and injuries in the county continued to decline. We will implement the system of county-level leading cadres' downward visits and case submissions, explore the working mechanism of “three-span, three-separation”, and focus on dissolving backlogs. Prompt and proper handling of outstanding issues in letters and visits in accordance with the law has kept the overall social stability. The construction of grassroots mediation organizations was strengthened, and the success rate of mediation of various contradictions and disputes was 98.7%. Strictly crack down on various types of illegal crimes, strengthen street patrol prevention and control, and improve public security.